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Are you considering building a new serverless app on AWS? Or maybe migrating an existing workload to a serverless architecture?

Then you probably have a lot of exploratory research ahead of you. Reading tutorials and technical docs on how Lambda and other services work is important and you might even decide to put together a proof of concept app to understand what it’s like to develop on.

But to really get a feel for what it will be like running your app in production, you need to get the warts-and-all lowdown from people who’ve already navigated this path rather than naively jumping in head-first.

Yes Amazon themselves provide a “Customer Success” website dedicated to case studies but this is effectively just a marketing exercise with no real insight into the more technical challenges that the customer encountered. Nice fluff for business execs but pretty useless to engineers.

To help with this, I’ve curated the following list of articles from across the web written by organisations who built their production workloads with real users on a serverless AWS architecture. The articles describe the problems they hit along the way, the solutions they arrived at and an overall summary of the impact on their organisation.

The Case Studies

I’ve ranked each article using a Pain Index 🤕 — a score out of 5 based on how much the author goes into detail on the pains they encountered using serverless techs and tools.

Have your own serverless story? I will be evolving this list regularly, so if you’ve built a production serverless app on AWS and wrote about it somewhere, just drop me a message with a link to your article and I’ll happily add it.

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