Consulting Services

This page collects and explains my paid advisory services. I can sometimes craft a different engagement than any of the packages listed, so please contact me if you are struggling to find a fit. Just click each package to read more detail.

Serverless Clarity Call £225 GBP (≈$308 USD)

You’re a senior technology decision maker who can see the benefits that adopting serverless could bring to your organisation’s delivery of software projects. But you’re not sure about how some of the specifics will look in practice. On this one-off call, I can help answer any questions you have and give you a direction to proceed.

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Serverless Application Roadmap £2,500 GBP (≈$3,425 USD)

You’re considering building a new application using AWS serverless technologies. You have limited experience with using it in production and want to avoid making costly mistakes at an early stage. I can help accelerate your development team by giving you a tailored plan of action to take you through to production and beyond.

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Serverless Launchpad £7,000 GBP (≈$9,590 USD)

You’re ready to start building a new project/product using AWS serverless. Your team's skillset is focused on application development and you have limited or no cloud DevOps experience.

The Serverless Launchpad is a done-for-you DevOps service installed in under a week. You get a best-practice multi-account AWS environment, a scalable scaffolded codebase and architecture including the common AWS serverless services, isolated cloud environments for individual developers, automated delivery pipelines right through to production and much more automation and quality goodness.

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Serverless Guidance Program From £2,500 GBP (≈$3,425 USD)

Following on from a Clarity Call, Roadmap or Launchpad engagement, I offer an ongoing Guidance Program to support you and your organisation month-by-month on your serverless journey. Different packages are available based on your requirements.

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