Serverless First is a one-person software consultancy focused on helping development teams successfully adopt serverless technologies.

As our name suggests, we strongly believe that taking a serverless-first approach to software architecture will become the norm for most organisations building new products over the next few years.

Serverless First is a brand name of Winter Wind Software Ltd which was formed in 2012.

Paul Swail

Chief Cloud Architect

Paul has been delivering software solutions to customers across several industries using a wide range of technologies for almost 20 years. He is a full-stack web developer by trade and is passionate about the cloud and web technology, but even more passionate about using software to solve real business problems.

In addition to consulting work, Paul ran an AWS-based SaaS product for seven years between 2014–2021.

Paul lives in Belfast, N.Ireland with his young family. When he’s not busy working, changing nappies or referring to himself in the third person, he enjoys playing and watching football, particularly the mighty Manchester United.

You can find him online on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.