Transition to Serverless

A free 5-day email course to help you understand the why, what and how of adopting serverless on AWS within your team

Adopting serverless within a company is much more than a technology replacement, it’s a mindset shift. Learn how to navigate the roadblocks on your journey with this short email course.

    What’s the lesson plan?

    Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn:

    • Lesson 1: Why serverless is inevitable
    • Lesson 2: How to identify a candidate project for your first serverless application
    • Lesson 3: How to compose the building blocks that AWS provides
    • Lesson 4: Common mistakes to avoid when building your first serverless application
    • Lesson 5: How to break ground on your first serverless project

    Who’s teaching the course?

    Hi, I’m Paul Swail.

    I’m an independent cloud architect who specialises in guiding development teams ship quality serverless applications into production. I also write frequently on serverless topics.

    You can read more about me here, dip into my public working notes here or get in contact here.