Serverless Application Roadmap

Who’s this for?

You’re about to start building a new application using AWS serverless technologies. You have limited experience with using it in production and want to avoid making costly mistakes at an early stage.

What’s included?

I can help accelerate your development team by giving you a tailored plan of action to take you through to production and beyond.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Roadmapping Workshop (2–3hrs video call) — Requirements gathering session with your key technical and business stakeholders
  • Written Application Roadmap Report that includes:

    • High-level Architecture — what AWS services should you use and how will they fit together
    • Billing Cost Estimation — given this architecture, what are the main business metrics that will drive your cloud bill costs and how much can you expect to be paying
    • AWS Account Management — how should you structure your AWS accounts for your application
    • Development Environment Setup — how should you structure your codebase and what frameworks and libraries should you use
    • DevOps Recommendations — suggested processes and tools deployment, CI/CD, monitoring, etc.
    • Upskilling Recommendations — links to recommended learning resources to help plug any significant skills gaps identified in your team
  • Q & A Session (1hr video call) — Post-report follow-up call discussing the report and answering your questions

Price: $3,000 USD

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