Serverless Strategy Call

Who’s this for?

You’re a senior technology decision maker who can see the benefits that adopting serverless could bring to your organisation’s delivery of software projects. But you’re not sure about how some of the specifics will look in practice.

What I can help you with

You need experienced, independent and pragmatic insight on how you could make this transition. Here are some of the areas I can help you with:

  • Identifying what projects or products within your organisation would be the best fit to pilot serverless on
  • What specific AWS services to focus on and how they fit together
  • What tools and frameworks to use
  • How to implement specific application use cases in AWS serverless
  • How to test your AWS serverless workload
  • Designing a release pipeline for your app

In this 1-on-1 video call, I can help you answer questions in these areas or any others you may have.

Price: £225 GBP (≈ $311 USD)

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I feel much more confident after the call that my application can be developed with serverless in mind, using the services that I was planning on using plus a few more.

I have chosen to use Serverless for a new startup I'm working on and I'm fairly new to it so I wanted to talk through some of the architectural decisions with an expert.

We talked through how to implement a specific workflow of my application using serverless, as well as ways to attack some of the trickier use cases in a straightforward manner. After the meeting, Paul sent me some resources that I can refer to in the future which will prove immensely beneficial. Well worth it!

Jon Farmand
CTO at inOrbit