Understanding the pains of building serverless applications

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Are you working in a company who has adopted serverless technologies for a production project? If so, I would really appreciate your help.

I’m embarking on a research project to try to understand the main problems organisations encounter during serverless adoption, and in particular how these vary by different traits of the organisation. I am focusing primarily on the AWS ecosystem.

If you have a few minutes to spare, I’d be extremely grateful if you could take my Serverless Adoption Survey.

All responses will be kept confidential (seen only by me). And once my research project is complete, I will be making all my findings (aggregated and anonymised) publicly available to the wider community.

Here’s the survey link again.

Thanks a lot!

— Paul.

P.S. You may have noticed that this email is from a new address. I have migrated my website from winterwindsoftware.com to serverlessfirst.com (Gatsby+Netlify+Tailwind FTW!). Yes, I’m going all-in on serverless with my consulting business, more on this soon 🙂

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