What are the gaps in the AWS serverless offerings?

I maintain a note listing gaps in AWS’s serverless offerings that I’d love some help with as it’s pretty scant right now and I know I’m forgetting something obvious.

This list contains common application use cases that are currently not possible to implement using only serverless services provided by AWS (see What makes a service “serverless” for my definition) and so require application developers to either use a third-party serverless service or use a serverful service for the required functionality.

For me, by far the number 1 item on this list is multi-faceted and full-text search. Basically I want all the functionality and power of Elasticsearch but without all the capacity planning, always-on pricing and other operational hassles. Algolia is the best third party service I’ve found that does this, but still, it would be nice not to have to venture outside the AWS walled garden.

Anyway, I’d love to hear from you. What use cases have you had to build that you would have loved to have used a serverless AWS service for, but none was available? Hit reply and let me know, and if I get enough replies, I’ll share additions in a future email.

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