Testing serverless backends — your experiences

Yesterday I finished up the second cohort of the Serverless Testing Workshop. The feedback from the two groups has encouraged me to turn the lessons into a book to make them more accessible to folks.

The book is aimed at developers building serverless apps on AWS and will cover two general themes:

  1. General framework for identifying what, when and how to test a distributed serverless backend
  2. Patterns for testing specific AWS service integrations

I’m currently at the scope-defining stage and this is where I could really do with your help.

If you are building or have built a serverless application on AWS, could you spare 5 minutes to complete this short survey on your testing experiences? https://forms.gle/kvwpoHvN6gxnJUWy7

And if you could share with colleagues and/or social media followers, I would really appreciate it 🙏🏻. Here’s my tweet and LinkedIn post if you wish to share.

I plan on sharing excerpts and free chapters with you on this mailing list as the writing progresses.

Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!


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